Quality Assurance

In the conduct of laboratory testing Metro Tech Systems Ltd. is committed to using Standardized, Approved Test Methods. Although our principle source of methods is the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), we also use and refer to documents from the International Organization for Standardization – ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems – Requirements, the Energy Institute (E.I., United Kingdom), Deutches Institut Für Normung (D.I.N., Germany) and the Association Française pour Normalization (AFNOR, France).

Through active continuing participation, first hand, in the activities relating to the use and development of test methods in ASTM and ISO you are assured that the methods we use are: Current, Precise and Definitive.

Our test methods are current because we participate in their development and they are in a state of constant review by the above organizations. They are precise because the precision of the test, as established by expert laboratories, is a mandatory feature for the approval of the method. They are definitive because, in the composition of the method, a statement of the Scope of the test & the Significance of the test are mandatory so that the result obtained does express a property of the material that is required to be known.